D E N T U R E  C L I N I C

Complex dentures are the ultimate option we can offer at First Impressions Denture Clinic. It includes comprehensive appointments from the impressions to measuring additional facial and jaw records to enable superior fit and function of the dentures within your oral cavity. With the sophistication of instrumentation in recording your facial structure we can fabricate a natural looking, yet functional smile, which best suits your character. The unique injection process assures fit and reduces shrinkage which limits the growth of bacteria. The quality of teeth used are composed of the strongest material, which in some cases could last up to 10 years. Patients exhibiting in abnormal jaw positions or presenting with severely resorbed (shrunken) ridges should inquire about this option to accommodate their specific requirements and increase rate of success. This denture option consists of five appointments prior to completing the treatment. These dentures are custom fabricated and uniquely specific for each patient allowing you to attain precise fit, function and esthetics within your prosthesis.

Complex Dentures

Upgraded premium dentures provide you with greater fit and function. The dentures are fabricated to assure comfort. The quality of teeth used in the dentures are composed of a denser material which allows for greater chewing capabilities and in turn won't need replacing as soon as the standard dentures (5-7 years). The upgraded premium denture option consists of four appointments to complete the treatment. The broader selection of teeth shade and moulds allow us to present you with a natural smile which best suits your facial structure.

Upgraded Dentures

Standard dentures are the most cost effective option of complete dentures provided at our clinic. The dentures are fabricated using standard materials and the quality of teeth are composed of a softer layer, hence the dentures may need to be replaced sooner (3-5years). This denture option consists of three appointments to complete the treatment. We will take a generalization of your facial structure to achieve an aesthetically pleasing appearance in the standard dentures. 

Standard Dentures ​

​At First Impressions we offer ​three different qualities of complete denture options. During the consultation we assess/diagnose your gums, taking into consideration your wants and needs. Together we will determine which denture option will best suit your requirements. Dentures do not last "forever" and they will wear down overtime with use. It is important to know which type of complete dentures you are investing in. It is in our every effort to provide you with dentures that allow you to comfortably function throughout your daily activities such as eating, speaking and laughing. Our different denture options will help improve the fit and function of your complete dentures, in turn bringing confidence in your smile.

Complete Dentures