• Emergency Repairs
  • Emergency Adjustments
  • Anti- snoring devices
  • Mouth/​Night Guards
  • Teeth Whitening Kits​

When teeth are missing the remaining ones can shift and migrate into the space. The shifting could lead to crooked natural teeth, which is difficult...

Partial Dentures

There are different qualities of complete dentures offered at our clinic. During the consultation we assess and diagnose your gums, taking into consideration your...

  • Complete/Partial Dentures
  • Immediate Dentures 
  • Implant Supported/Retained Dentures
  • Same  day Relines/Rebases


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Our services include

Complete Dentures

D E N T U R E  C L I N I C

At First Impressions Denture Clinic we are committed to providing optimal denture solutions for all your dental needs. We strive to treat each patient with the highest quality of care to help restore the function and aesthetics within your oral cavity. Please call or visit us today to book your complimentary appointment!​

  - "a smile is a curve that sets              everything straight"