D E N T U R E  C L I N I C

Acrylic Partial Dentures

When teeth are missing the remaining ones can shift and migrate into the space. The shifting could lead to crooked natural teeth, which is difficult to clean in between. This could advance in tooth decay and periodontal disease adding to additional tooth loss. It is important to replace the missing teeth because you can damage the surrounding tissues and risk abnormal chewing & eating habits. Removable partial dentures are fabricated to replace one or more teeth. At First Impressions we offer different types of partials to suit your specific requirements.

Partial Dentures

Cast partial dentures are stronger, durable, thinner and more hygienic. These type of dentures often  serve as a long term solution to replace the missing teeth. The frameworks are constructed from metal and or titanium. The partial denture itself is composed of the metal framework, acrylic and denture teeth. The cast partial denture fits around your neighbouring teeth and clip onto the natural dentition to keep the denture in place. Cast partial dentures will provide you with maximum support without damaging the surrounding gums and tissues. The success of a cast partial denture is dependent on the quality and health of your natural teeth.

Cast Partial Dentures

An acrylic partial denture (flipper) is fabricated to replace one or more missing teeth. These types of partials are only recommended as a temporary or transitional denture. They are economical and at times not as comfortable for most patients. They tend to feel more thicker and bulkier. Acrylic flippers are a short term solution while a long term solution is developed. Depending on the number of remaining natural teeth in your mouth sometimes acrylic partials serve only as an esthetic feature rather than for function.